Jew Books

Jews are probably the strangest “race” in the galaxy. They have an almost supernatural talent for acquiring power even while wallowing in sleaze. Usury, slavery, drugs, war, propaganda, circumcision, pawn shops, pornography, spying and surveillance and even nuclear weapons are among the evils that are closely associated with Jews.

And yet, for many of us, Jews are almost invisible. When we hear conspiracy theories or simple statements regarding Jews, we’re likely to dismiss them as racist or wacko.

But if you open your eyes, you’ll quickly discover that Jews are indeed a powerful and evil force.

If you begin doing your homework, you’ll discover that Jews have woven a tangled web. The trail is littered with lies and half-truths, along with words that were coined and/or wildly manipulated by Jews. Jews are the ultimate decepticons.

Even “alternative” books that claim to oppose the mainstream chronicle may be ghost written by Jews. Most NeoNazis are probably working for Jews. Ditto for Antifa.

So how can we know the truth? And has a truthful book about Jews ever been written?

In fact, I’m working on an entire library of Jew-related books.

Jew Flu: The Coronavirus Conspiracy was published a couple years ago. But the foundation of Project Jew is Jews 101, which may be published later this year (2022). The book is pretty close to finished now, but it’s far too big; it needs some intense editing. I’m also up to my eyeballs in other projects.

Jew Library

Two of the most important books in my Dirty Jew series are Jew’s Who and JewSpeak. Unfortunately, Jew’s Who is a huge project and could take two years or more to finish. If I can find the time, I’d like to publish Jew Cup in the very near future.

I’d like to write books about “antisemitism” (if I can ever figure out what it is), the Holohoax (aka Holocaust), and Jewarchy. However, I may simply discuss some of those topics in other books, like World War True.

In fact, Jews, like conspiracy, are a huge part of almost all of my political books. Check out my China Watch trilogy, for example.

China Trilogy

My books are headquartered at KPow Books, my political websites at Politix Pro.


Forget Exodus (religious bullshit), Sophie’s Choice (fiction) and Schindler’s List (maybe half true). The greatest Jewish flick of all time may be Sin City. I nominate Yellow bastard as King of the Jews.

George Carlin, talking about the Jews.