The Book

Jews 101 is actually part of a series. Jew Flu has already been published first, and I may publish a Who’s Who of corrupt Jews. I have several other titles in mind as well.

Jews 101

In fact, Jews play a major role in most of my political books. People who say they own and control everything aren’t far off the mark.

So rather than dive into an encyclopedia, I decided to keep Jews 101 relatively simple. It’s based on ten of the questions people most commonly ask about Jews, such as What is antisemitism?

Below is a tentative list of the ten questions I selected.

  1. What is a Jew?
  2. How smart are Jews?
  3. Do Jews really control everything?
  4. What vices are Jews associated with?
  5. Why are Jews associated with so many conspiracy theories?
  6. What have Jews contributed to civilization?
  7. What is “anti-Semitism”?
  8. What is Zionism?
  9. What is the Holocaust?
  10. Why do so many people hate Jews?

However, this won’t be a ten-page pamphlet. After all, entire books have been written about some of these questions. Take antisemitism—please.

In that spirit, I will use these questions as a springboard for discussions of related topics. How can one talk about the Holocaust without talking about Holocaust denial, the Holohoax, the American Holocaust, genocide and double genocide?

I can’t yet offer an estimate of the book’s size or publishing date. I’m currently a candidate for the office of Washington State Governor, and I’m hoping to publish it before the election in early August (2020). However, it’s possible I’ll miss my deadline.

In the meantime, there’s a question you can help me answer: How unique is my project?

It’s a hard question to answer, because it’s hard to define the question.

Thousands of books about various Jewish (or Judaic) topics have been published. There are also countless articles in magazines and newspapers, along with a galaxy of websites.

And many of these works are doubtless truthful—at least in part.

Yet the collective literature is grotesquely dishonest. How can one write an honest book about antisemitism when the word itself is a misnomer, as even Encyclopedia Britannica notes? And how can one write an honest article about the Holocaust—a historical event—when merely questioning details of the official narrative can get you labeled antisemitic? Indeed, there are countries where “Holocaust denial” is illegal.

In plain English, I’d like to know if any books similar to Jews 101 have ever been published. To qualify as similar, a book would have to 1) be truthful and 2) cover the same topics, or at least several of them.

It’s hard to comprehend how such a book could not exist, yet I haven’t found such a book.

Is it possible that I’ve written the first truthful book about Jews in history?

I’m waiting for someone to burst my bubble. Please share with me the title of a book(s) that competes with mine.