Protest Paradox

This post was first published @ on May 14, 2018.

It’s a bright spring day, and a young Jewish student is shopping when he’s suddenly distracted by a commotion. As the noise increases, he suddenly sees a throng of people marching down the street carrying protest signs.

As they get closer still, he discovers that they’re anti-Semites. The signs display hateful things, like “Fuck Israel,” “Jews – Go back to Germany!” and “Heil Hitler!”

The student is torn between disgust and fear. A mob of police suddenly appear, spraying the protesters with tear gas and savaging a few with batons and rubber bullets.

Several Jews who have gathered to watch the display cheer for the police. They laugh with glee as they watch the police manhandle protesters. They talk about going to court and doing what they can to get the protesters sentenced to prison. At the very least, maybe they can make them lose their jobs.

Now imagine a group of black protesters carrying signs that read “Fuck white people” and “Burn Baby Burn!”

If I saw such a protest, I’d raise a clenched fist in support. Why?

Because I understand why minorities might be angry at white people. The white race has long ruled the world. Though not all white people are on board, most are complicit in often subtle ways, from voting for racist candidates to simple apathy.

Do you see the difference?

Instead of getting defensive, Jews should ask why so many people are critical of Jews, Israel and Zionism. They should identify the problems and try to fix them. Instead, they just label everyone who criticizes anything Jewish “anti-Semitic.” That combination of stupidity, hypocrisy and arrogance only pours fuel on the fire.

There is a catch; if Jews dared to face the truth, they might discover some dark truths. But human nature itself has a dark side. There can be no morality without facing the truth.

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