Yellow Bastard

It’s no secret that the Jews control Hollywood. They also control Las Vegas, essentially creating what is known today as “Sin City.” So what could be more Freudian than the movie Sin City?

I’ve never seen the movie, but I have seen a few clips on YouTube (also controlled by the Jews). The characters are so creepy, they could only have been inspired by Jews.

The sleaziest character of all is “The Yellow Bastard,” a sadistic pedophile whose father is a senator (most of whom could probably be loosely labeled pedophiles themeselves). He looks even creepier than the celebrated Jewish rapist Harvey Weinstein, if that’s possible.

Yellow Bastard makes a great mascot for the Jews. Or would that be overkill? There probably isn’t a Jew on the planet who looks and acts that bad. Or is there?

Jews have done some pretty shocking things. They manipulated, and may have started, both world wars. They’re behind the endless wars in the Middle East and the destruction of Libya. Jews may behind the Russian invasion of Ukraine as well. Jews are masters of war, terrorism, torture, and mind control. Beneath the skin, they all look like Yellow Bastard to many of us who have come to understand them.

The name Yellow Bastard is also a reminder that most Jews aren’t authentic Semites. They’re white trailer park trash who spent centuries sodomizing each other in Europe before they hatched a diabolical scheme to create their own secular empire in the Holy Land. Jesus would roll over in his grave if he knew Israel is now a haven for pedophiles. And it literally is; Jewish pedophiles around the world flee to Israel when the law is after them.

Wouldn’t it be ironic if most of the sleazebags in Sin City were played by Jews?

In fact, Yellow Bastard was played by Nick Stahl, who may be Jewish. Stahl is a common Jewish name. Media whore Leslie Stahl is a Jew.

According to IMDb, Nick Stahl is down for his “edgier and darker indie film roles.” He was reportedly arrested at an adult film store in Hollywood on suspicion of committing a lewd act. He was also arrested for alleged possession of methamphetamine. In a 2017 interview, he said he was taking a leave of absence from acting to concentrate on family and sobriety.


Without further adieu, grab a bag of popcorn and watch the Hollywood Jews celebrate the Las Vegas Jews.

Since Jews like to mutilate baby boys’ genitals, this seems like an appropriate final solution.

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